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Like every other part of your Cummins powered truck, age will take its toll on the seals and small parts in and around your engine. And when it’s time to upgrade or replace the injectors in your Cummins powered diesel, you should be replacing those seals and other diesel injector parts so that you can avoid power-robbing leaks.

Diesel Injector Parts from Sinister Diesel

Rubber seals are prone to wear and failure no matter where they are on your Cummins powered truck, even more so when they’re in the engine itself. Remember, the engine bay on even the best maintained Dodge or Ram truck is an incredibly harsh environment. Most diesel trucks have a well-earned reputation for being long-lived workhorses, but a poorly-timed failure of a small component like an o-ring or washer can bring your truck a halt and struggling to produce power.

The Sinister Diesel Difference

If you plan on completing any type of upgrade to your fuel system, make sure you have the correct diesel injector parts to keep your system in top condition. At Sinister Diesel you’ll find the very best diesel fuel system components from trusted brands like Dipaco, and Industrial Injection. And if you need assistance finding the right diesel injector parts for your truck or application, our experts are here and have the knowledge to get you what you need. It’s easy to reach us by phone, email, or through the convenient on-site live chat.

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