Transmission Rear Housing Support for 2001-2016 Duramax with Allison or ZF6

A bad u-joint or dented driveshaft can cause severe driveline vibrations resulting in a crack in your transmission housing. That problem is solved with Sinister’s Rear Housing Support for 4x4 trucks. The Sinister housing is made in America using 7/8 .120 wall DOM mild steel tubing giving you the strength and reliability you need. The Sinister Rear Housing Support installs easily in your driveway or garage using factory bolts. In addition, it is backed by Sinister’s Lifetime warranty.

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Kirsten 08/10/17 12:04:23 PM

The most effective clips on these driveshafts are on the splined phase which have to be inside the gearbox housing. The power shaft should haven't any manner of 'popping out' if your suspension,engine-gearbox mountings are good enough & there's not anything wrong together with your wheel-bearings, what you describe is a symptom of any other trouble somewhere,,,,,has the car been worried in any accidents related to a hard blow to the wheels,(if knocked offline) the driveshaft can ruin off the small portion of the splined quit(gearbox stop) at its weakest Assignment Help point.....Ie wherein the cutout for the spring clip is located, satisfactory to get a size of how long the splined segment on "your" driveshaft & examine it to a comparable one in a breakers yard, or.......Less difficult nevertheless bring it to a mechanic!

Ruth 08/17/17 01:42:18 PM

The mainly effectual clips on these driveshaft’s are on the splinted phase which have to be surrounded by the gearbox accommodation. The power beam should haven't any way of 'popping out' if your postponement, engine-gearbox mountings are high-quality enough & there's not no matter which wrong jointly with your wheel-bearings, Custom Assignment, what you explain is a indication of any other trouble anywhere, the car been concerned in any accidents connected to a hard blow to the wheel, if knocked offline the driveshaft can ruin off the minute portion of the splinted give up.

julia 08/29/17 01:03:16 PM

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susan 09/05/17 06:44:45 AM

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