Dyno Numbers Show Sinister Diesel Y-Pipes Boost Power & Performance

Sinister Diesel Y-Pipes for Ford 6.0L (Raw)

Recent independent dyno tests show Sinister Diesel’s stainless steel Y-Pipes for the 2003-2007 6.0L Powerstroke Super Duty/Excursion boost power and performance adding 65hp and 148ftlbs of torque over stock at 2300rpm, thus improving drivability and towing capability.  When installed on a vehicle with a performance tune, the increase is even more impressive, adding 121hp and 289ftlbs of torque.  

In addition to performance, Sinister Y-Pipes are manufactured for durability.  Sinister has replaced the bellows in favor of a stronger, longer lasting “double slip” flex joint which allows the upper and lower sections of the Y-Pipe to flex and move during heat expansion while maintaining a 100% seal.  Plus, Sinister Y-Pipes are fully TIG welded on a fixture, as well as back-purged for the strongest weld possible. 

The Y-Pipes are produced by Sinister in their Roseville, California facility and are available in raw, ceramic, and heat wrapped finishes. 

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