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The high horsepower and torque produced by modified diesel engines can tear a factory transmission apart before any of that power gets to the wheels, which is why an upgraded transmission is needed if you’re serious about diesel performance. If you’re looking for a transmission that can handle your high performance application you don’t need to look any farther than Firepunk Diesel. Here at Sinister Diesel, we carry the most popular Firepunk transmissions including:
  • Tow Master 47 / 48RE: designed for the diesel truck with added horsepower and torque from a tuner and other minor upgrades to maximize your trucks efficiency and towing capability.
  • Street/Track 47 / 48RE: intended for hot-rodded street trucks but still strong enough to occasionally hit the track.
  • Competition Stage 1: provides balanced transmission performance suitable for both daily driver duty and high-performance completion use.
  • Competition Stage 2: full billet transmissions capable of getting up to 1000 HP to the ground while still giving you street-able performance.
  • Competition Stage 3: built with oversized shafts to specifically handle the horsepower and torque produced by the most extreme street tucks.
Every Firepunk “Golden Nugget” transmission addresses all the common failure areas of the original Dodge transmission design, plus adds capability for extreme power handling, which provides you with a replacement transmission suitable for the street or the strip. You can choose your transmission below, or call one of our Sinister Diesel experts who can assist you in finding the right transmission for your application. Each Firepunk transmission comes with a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty.