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Bully Dog
Below, you can find Bully Dog performance tuners, cold air intakes, shift enhancers, and programmers that can boost the horsepower and torque of your truck beyond the factory limits and turn it into a true performance machine. Sinister Diesel carries the best selection of Bully Dog performance diesel parts including the legendary Bully Dog 40420 GT Platinum Diesel tuner and monitor. We can also help you build a complete Bully Dog engine performance package with the Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station, Bully Dog Mounting Kits, and even the Bully Dog Unlock Cable to let you take full advantage of your performance modifications.

For nearly 20 years, Bully Dog has led the way in diesel performance. Since their earliest days, the engineers at Bully Dog have been trying to go faster, make more power, and do it all more efficiently. So if you need more from your truck at the drag strip, or you need better fuel economy, or if you just desire an upgrade over the factory tuning, you don’t need to look any further than Bully Dog. From support for the newest truck models, to on-the-fly performance tuning, to high power and economy tuning, no one comes close to Bully Dog in offering the most innovative and creative performance solutions for diesel truck owners all over the world. If you would like assistance in choosing the Bully Dog product that is right for your truck, give one of our trained Sinister Diesel experts a call or send us an email or message us in our live chat. We’ll make sure that you’re covered with the best names in diesel performance at the best price.