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Your original factory Cummins EGR cooler is a critical component that helps keep your engine’s emissions under control, but weak construction and stress from high temperatures can often make your stock unit a liability. A failing EGR Cooler will leak coolant into your exhaust causing white smoke and poor running. At the most extreme, you can even see hydro-lock as coolant pools in the cylinders!

Cummins EGR Coolers from Sinister Diesel

Sinister Diesel manufactures the highest quality TIG-welded stainless steel EGR coolers for your Dodge truck. If you’ve had a problem like unexplained coolant loss, white smoke from your tailpipe, or a gurgling and spewing coolant tank, replace your Cummins EGR cooler before it becomes a bigger problem.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

All of our Sinister Diesel products are designed and manufactured in-house for a perfect fit. If you have questions or would like assistance choosing or installing a new EGR cooler for your Dodge Cummins, we’re always here to help by phone, email, or our on-site live chat.

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