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During normal highway driving, the EGR system that was installed by the factory can recirculate up to 50% of your Cummins’ exhaust back through the intake to reduce emissions. But on the drag strip, feeding your diesel engine anything other than the cleanest air will rob you of precious seconds and your competitive edge.

Sinister Diesel EGR Delete

The gains from installing an EGR Delete on your Cummins extend beyond reliability and keeping your intake soot-free. With the EGR system removed, you’ll no longer be cycling hot exhaust into your intake, lowering overall intake temperatures and making more power and more torque on the track.

American Made with a Lifetime Warranty

If you would like to simplify the plumbing under the hood, choose any one of our EGR Delete kits backed with the same lifetime warranty and workmanship that you get with every Sinister Diesel part. And because each Sinister product is manufactured right here, in house, we can guarantee you the best leak-free fit every time.

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