Sinister Diesel - Complete Solution Kits w/ EGR Delete

Complete Solution Kits - Complete Solution Kits w/ EGR Delete
Each Complete Solution kit from Sinister Diesel is intended to make the biggest maintenance projects on your 6.0 Powerstroke a little easier. The kits featured below are packaged with a bulletproof Sinister Diesel 6.0 Powerstroke EGR delete kit to help you completely eliminate the problems associated with the unreliable stock EGR cooler, as well as the components you need to upgrade your engine’s durability and restore lost performance.

Complete Solution Packages with Square 6.0L Powerstroke EGR Cooler

Stretched head bolts, blown head gaskets, and coolant leaks from a cracked EGR are remedied with head stud kits and gasket sets that are available with select packages. Everything you need to take care of the major problems typical of a well-worn 6.0 Powerstroke is included. With our Complete Solution Kits with Powerstroke EGR delete, we ensure that you’re never left scrambling for a gasket or washer that you forgot to order by making sure that you have every single piece, from start to finish, so that you can complete your project on time.

The Sinister Diesel Difference

We hand-pick only the best parts for our kits from the leading brands in Powerstroke diesel performance. If you’d like to ask us any questions about which kit is right for your application or your next project, get in touch with one of the diesel experts we have on staff. Just give us a call, send an email, or use the live chat at the bottom of every page. We’re committed to helping you find the right parts every time.
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