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We all either have our own, or know someone who had a costly experience with replacing their diesel pump or injectors. Rebuilding the entire system because of contamination can cost thousands of dollars.

CAT Fuel Filter Adapter Kits from Sinister Diesel

The fuel filter that comes with your truck from the factory is typically a 7-micron filter that is only about 60% efficient. In a diesel injection system that produces upwards of 25,000 psi, small particles slip through the stock filter and can sandblast the inside of pumps, injectors, and fuel rail. This increases your chances of premature component failure and the likelihood of high repair bills.
The CAT fuel filter adapter kits from Sinister Diesel are designed to allow you to replace the low-quality OEM fuel filter with a 2-micron, “zero-tolerance” CAT filter that has a 98% efficiency. Installation takes only about 10 minutes and not only gets you superior filtration, but better flow and better cold-weather performance from your diesel truck. Sinister Diesel has kits that fit most 2001-2015 Duramax and 2004-2007.5 Cummins diesels along with spare CAT fuel filters and seals. Simply put, a CAT fuel filter adapter kit from Sinister Diesel is one of the least expensive ways to ensure trouble-free operation of your diesel truck.

The Sinister Diesel Difference

To save you the cost and headache of premature fuel system failure, get a CAT fuel filter adapter kit for you Duramax or Cummins powered diesel. At Sinister Diesel, we build only the best products that are designed and tested at our California headquarters. And if you have questions on the fitment of any of the kits we sell, just remember that it’s easy to get in touch with any of our diesel experts. Give us a call, write us an email, or use the simple on-site live chat at the bottom of the page.

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