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It’s critical that your Dodge Cummins has the right amount of fuel to produce the earthmoving power you need. If fuel pressure falls too low, your injectors can outpace the fuel available and you’ll end up with nothing to burn in the cylinder but air.

Better Pressure, Better Performance

Often the limiting factor for your Dodge Cummins is the fuel pump. The Cummins governor spring kits available at Sinister Diesel allow your pump to rev past the factory intended speed without compromising performance and safety. The performance gains are most prominent on trucks with a manual transmission, allowing you to change gears at higher RPMs for even more power and smoother shifts!

The Sinister Diesel Difference

Browse the selection of Cummins governor spring kits below to get what you need to make your engine strong enough to give you the power you need! If you need help choosing the right fueling parts for your Dodge or any other diesel, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Sinister Diesel experts. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to find the right part that fits, so just reach out by phone, email, or through our easy and convenient live, on-site chat.

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