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Even with the factory injector nozzles, your Cummins powered diesel can produce some earth-shaking power. But when you start making modifications to your engine in the never-ending search for more power, you’ll often find the stock units struggling to keep up. If you’re looking to produce more power, take advantage of a performance tune, or bolt on a bigger turbo, you’ll need a set of aftermarket injector nozzles that can supply your engine with more fuel.

Quality Injector Nozzles from Sinister Diesel

In stock trim, the factory injector nozzles do a great job getting fuel into your engine. But that’s when they’re brand new. Even on a well-maintained truck, hundreds of thousands of miles on the precision surfaces inside a diesel injector nozzle can add up. Over time, microscopic particulates can score the seating surfaces inside the injector body, compromising the seal and causing leaks and limiting their efficiency. Your best choice is to upgrade your injectors to a set of aftermarket units that can supply more fuel than the factory Cummins injectors in a more optimized spray pattern for even more power and better running.

The Sinister Diesel Difference

To browse our selection of upgraded Cummins injector nozzles from Fleece Performance, just keep scrolling. At Sinister Diesel you’ll find the very best aftermarket parts that will get your more power. And don’t forget that if you need assistance choosing the right injector nozzles for your application, our diesel experts have the knowledge to get you what you need. We’re easy to reach by phone, email, or through the convenient on-site live chat.
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