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Sinister Diesel has done all the hard work for you and assembled performance packages from our favorite products. Our Cummins performance packages and maintenance kits make it easy to complete some of the most common maintenance and power-adding projects on your Cummins-powered diesel truck. Choose from our Cummins performance packages below and find the best performance package for your Cummins-powered diesel truck. Our performance packages include every gasket, stud, and bolt so you don’t have to worry about long parts lists.

The Sinister Diesel Difference

Sinister Diesel has you covered, no matter what your project is, with our Cummins performance packages and maintenance kits. Everything you need is included at one great price. And if you need assistance in choosing the package that is right for your Dodge or Ram Cummins, just give our experts a call, message us in the live chat window or send us an email. We can show you just how easy doing major service or getting more performance from your diesel can be.

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Dodge Cummins - Packages for Cummins - Performance Packages for Cummins
Finding the right performance parts for your Cummins-powered Dodge Ram is easy because we’ve bundled our favorite power-adding accessories into all inclusive Cummins performance packages....More Details »

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