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Suspension Lift Kits from Sinister Diesel

High-quality lift kits from Sinister Diesel are hands-down the best way to gain more ground clearance and off-road capability from your Cummins diesel truck. There’s also no better way to make a big visual statement with your truck than by fitting it with an aggressive lift kit and a set of larger tires. We carry lift kits, plus components from Fabtech Motorsports and Synergy manufacturing to boost your truck anywhere from a modest 2.5 inches all the way up to a towering 10 inches capable of fitting 40 inch tires!. A lift kit gives you the ability to tackle even the roughest terrain and steepest grades without fear of getting hung-up on whatever you might encounter.

All of the lift kits we carry are engineered for application on your specific truck in three categories: Up to 4 inch lift, 6-9 inch lift, and 10+ inch lift. We have everything from basic spring hanger systems to the toughest 4-link suspension systems for the serious off-roader. Choose your desired amount of lift below, then choose the kit that fits your truck and your budget.

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