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Using all the horsepower and torque you have at your disposal in your Dodge Cummins can be very difficult unless you can send it to the wheels. A stock transmission is rarely up to the task of handling the 1500 lb-ft of torque that some modified Cummins engines can produce. Sinister Diesel has the diesel transmission parts and components you need to get that power to the ground where it can work for you.

Eliminate Weak Links in Your Cummins Drivetrain

Most experts will agree that the single weakest link in most high-performance builds is the diesel transmission. The intricate and complex components inside factory transmission units are easily overwhelmed when power and torque hit extreme levels. At Sinister Diesel, it is our goal to help you get the best performance out of your Cummins-powered diesel truck, not only the most horsepower in torque, but also the most durability and drivability. In the categories below you’ll find clutch kits, torque converters, upgraded valve bodies, and transmission controllers to prevent slip and get your power to the ground. You’ll also find cooling kits and deep transmission pans if you’d like to upgrade your stock unit by controlling heat and extending its lifespan.

Trusted Brands from Sinister Diesel

We stock the very best in diesel performance transmission parts from trusted brands like aFe, ARP, ATS Diesel, BD Diesel, Firepunk, Mag-Hytec, Mishimoto, PPE, Suncoast Converters, and Valair. We’ll make sure that you find the components you need to build a drivetrain that you can rely on. And if you’d like to talk to an expert about selecting the right diesel transmission parts for your application, we’re here to help! You can easily reach one of our knowledgeable sales staff by phone, email, or through the convenient live chat at the bottom of every page!

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