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Injectors for Powerstroke - Injectors for Powerstroke
The factory Powerstroke diesel injectors are capable of producing tremendous power numbers. But that doesn’t mean they’re immune to failure. Like every other part of truck, age will take its toll and your diesel injectors can become worn and weaken over time. When you start modifying your engine in the search for more power, they will have trouble supplying enough fuel, especially with an aftermarket engine tune.

Powerstroke Diesel Injectors from Sinister Diesel

The stock diesel injectors that your Powerstroke powered truck came equipped with can do a great job getting fuel into your engine when they’re brand new. But, even on a well-maintained truck, hundreds of thousands of miles on precision components inside diesel injectors can take their toll. With a set of brand-new factory units or upgraded aftermarket diesel injectors you’ll be able to supply more fuel in a better spray pattern than the originals. Now you’ll be able to take advantage of modifications like a bigger turbo or strengthened bottom end giving you more of the earth-moving diesel horsepower you’re looking for.

The Sinister Diesel Difference

If you’re having fueling problems or looking to make more power browse any of the injector kits below to find new diesel injectors for Powerstroke powered truck. At Sinister Diesel you’ll find the very best diesel fuel system components from trusted brands like Alliant Power, BD Diesel, BWD, Dipaco, Ford Parts, GB Remanufacturing, and Industrial Injection. And if you need assistance finding the right diesel injector for your application, get in touch with one of our diesel experts. We have the knowledge to get you what you need and we’re easily reached by phone call, email, or through the convenient on-site live chat.

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