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Enhance the Performance of Your Duramax

Although they are one of the most overlooked supporting modifications for any truck, aftermarket diesel intake elbows are an essential component to any upgraded Duramax diesel air intake. Each of the diesel intake elbows listed below improve intake airflow after the intercooler to get cooler, denser air delivered to your Duramax engine. The result is better performance and efficiency. Many units also offer additional ports that can be used to connect a boost gauge, water/methanol injection, or other power boosting components.

Sinister Diesel Stocks the Best Diesel Intake Components

Sinister Diesel carries diesel intake elbows from the best names in diesel performance including AFE, ATS Diesel, S&B, BD Diesel plus our very own Sinister Diesel kits. And if you need any help choosing the right component or kit for your diesel intake, we’re here to help by phone, email, or through our on-site live chat.

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