Sinister Diesel High Performance Injectors for the 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke

Unlike other remanufactured injectors, Sinister Diesel's new high performance injectors for the 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke feature all new parts from the nozzle to the connector. New parts boost performance by improving injector response rate and cold weather start-up. Built on a re-manned body to save truck owners money, Sinister’s injectors work as stock replacements and also work with tuned, upgraded trucks. The injectors feature new injector coils; new harness assemblies; a new electrical connector; and a new, redesigned spool valve to help prevent stiction. They’re also etched with Sinister’s logo and come with a 24 month, unlimited mileage warranty.

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Olivia 10/03/17 10:45:20 AM

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Alma 10/10/17 06:27:40 AM

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Eliana 10/23/17 10:40:19 AM

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Marlin 11/04/17 09:07:08 AM

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Yaris 11/16/17 01:17:43 PM

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Amanda 11/23/17 07:41:49 AM

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