Sinister Diesel Launches New Faster, Easier Website

In response to their rapidly growing customer base, the marketplace, and the ever-changing diesel parts industry, Sinister Diesel has launched a new faster, easier website.

“We looked at what our customers really want,” says Brian George, CEO of Sinister Diesel, “and stripped away everything else.  The result is an uncomplicated site that helps people find what they’re looking for quickly.”  Company President Michael Mitchell adds, “We also focused on making the site simple to use on mobile devices, so our customers can easily get their parts on a phone, tablet, or desktop.”

The new website launched earlier this year and so far the response has been positive.  “We’ve gotten terrific feedback,” says Brian George.  “Our customer comments and reviews indicate we moved in the right direction.”  Michael Mitchell adds, “Makes sense.  After all, who doesn’t like a faster, easier website?”

You can visit Sinister’s new website at  They are also available by phone at (888) 995-0766.