1994-2012 Dodge Truck | Steering Box Stabilizer | Sinister Diesel

Dodge Cummins Steering Box Stabilizer

For years, Dodge truck owners have had to deal with the problem of unresponsive and unsafe steering.  That’s why Sinister Diesel now manufactures a Steering Box Stabilizer for ’94-’12 Dodge trucks.  The Steering Box Stabilizer helps eliminate the infamous “death wobble” and steering play that is common in Dodge pickups. 

The problem stems from the sub-standard factory frame rail that holds the steering box in place.  The frame’s weakness causes the steering box to flex, creating “slop” in the steering.  The issue gets worse over time as parts deteriorate with normal wear-and-tear.  Sinister’s stabilizer solves the problem by coupling the truck’s two frame rails together, providing maximum support and stability for the steering box.  In addition, Sinister’s stabilizer fastens at the absolute highest leverage point of the two frame rails for utmost strength and durability.

This kit includes all of the hardware needed to do the install, usually in under 1 hour.