5 Diesel Problems and Solutions

Diesel Problems and Solutions


We love our Diesel’s, but there can be limits on stock engines that lead to issues down the road. Here are 5 of the biggest problems, and ways to fix them.

#1 Tie Rods

Problem: Factory tie rods flex, bend and can eventually break which could result in the inability to steer.
Solution: After-market tie rod sleeves and/or a center link will help prevent the factory tie rods from bending in the first place, so they won’t get worn out and break. Steering will stay smooth for an easier

#2 Steering Box

Problem: A lot of flexing can occur at the mounting location of the frame to the steering box, causing uncontrollable shaking aka “Death Wobble”.
Solution: A Steering Box Stabilizer mounted between the front frame rails will strengthen the area where the steering box mounts and will increase the life of the steering box itself. Good riddance to Death Wobble!

#3 Oil Cooler 

Problem: Oil Cooler Failure occurs due to clogged passageways caused by casting sand, sediment and debris from engine coolant. This can contribute to oil becoming too hot or eventually lead to an EGR
cooler failure or engine overheating.
Solution:  A Coolant Filtration System will filter out particles to keep coolant running smooth. The coolant will flow more easily to keep the engine cool and improve the longevity of your motor, saving you time and money at the shop in the future.

#4 Lift Pump

Problem: Either a poor performing lift pump or no lift pump, can cause fuel filtering and horsepower
issues. This is especially apparent when upgrading your truck past factory power levels. Increased power
comes with increased fuel demand. A modified truck without a lift pump could experience fuel starvation which results in sluggish acceleration and poor fuel economy.
Solution: An aftermarket electric fuel supply system will keep your injection system functioning properly, increased horsepower is usually a byproduct.
#5 Intercooler Boots

Problem: Dry rot or cracked intercooler boots can create a lack of boost to the motor which you will feel
when you put your foot on the pedal.
Solution: Upgraded multi-layer intercooler silicone boot kits will be able to handle more pressure and
have a longer lifespan which results in more boost through your engine keeping acceleration up and increasing fuel economy.