Which Turbo is Best for You?


“How can I get more horsepower out of my truck?” This is the number one question we get asked on a daily basis at Sinister. Just the other day we received an inquiry that asked the question “How can I increase horsepower in my 6.7 Cummins. I’ve added an air intake, exhaust kit, tuner and charge pipes. What next?”  Many of you can relate, you have done basic mods such as these and want to know what to do to get to the next level.
We think the next best addition is a turbo. But which turbo? Choosing the right one depends on what you do with your truck. Keep in mind that the bigger you go with your turbo, the more modifications you will have to make to the rest of your engine to compensate for the added power.
Below are four categories your truck may fall into and our recommendations based on how you use your truck.  
Daily Driver
For your daily transportation, you want a turbo that gives you power without having to change up your entire engine to compensate for the extra airflow and bigger boost that an upgraded turbo brings. A turbo with stock specs or something with just a little extra boost is going to be perfect for you. Sinister's Pitbull Series Turbo or Industrial Injection’s line of factory reman turbos should do the job.
Work Truck
Although you use your work truck differently than your daily driver, surprisingly you’ll want many of the same performance features. For example, if you’re towing, you want to get a turbo similar to stock because you want to be careful of how much boost you are producing. A large turbo may produce too much boost. This will create more heat and cause more strain on the rest of the engine. Stick with the same turbos we recommended for your daily driver.
Race Truck
Now, if your motto is “go big or go home,” or if you are building a dedicated race vehicle, then you are going to want a turbo with plenty of boost and no lag. These will be turbos built for performance. Find a fully modified turbo with bigger compressor covers and larger, taller, lightweight compressor wheels. These upgrades will offer the greatest amount of increased airflow without a heavy wheel slowing down the air flow. A Powermax Series 3 Turbo from Sinister with a high speed, precision-balanced, light-weight wheel that can get you up to 200 extra HP will really help if you’re racing.  ATS offers the Aurora Series Turbo which is a great option built with performance in mind.  Industrial Injection offers Compound Turbos that are larger and have upgraded compressor wheels as well.
Weekend Warrior
If you are like most of our employees and customers, you fall into the “weekend warrior” type of driver where you are driving a diesel as your daily and want to get some speed out of your vehicle for fun. If that is you, then it’s time to upgrade to a turbo above stock specs. You don’t need something as big as you would for a race truck, but still an upgrade. This means something a little larger than stock with a slightly larger compressor wheel for increased airflow. Find a slightly modified turbo like BD Diesel’s Screamer Turbo, Fleece Performances Cheetah Turbo or Sinister’s Powermax or Pitbull Series 2 Turbo.
To find the turbo that is right for you, you will have to assess your own driving needs. Of course Sinister technicians are standing by to answer any of your turbo questions.