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There is no better place to find high performance diesel parts and accessories for your Dodge Cummins truck than Sinister Diesel. Whether you’re looking for increased performance from your engine, better fuel economy, or some eye-catching style, you’ll find what you’re looking for within our extensive inventory. In the categories below, you’ll find that we offer an incredible selection of diesel performance products including cold air intakes, turbo kits, and plug-in tuners; replacement parts like our improved EGR coolers, diesel fuel lift pumps; along with all the seals your Dodge Cummins truck could need. We even carry the filters, fluids, and tools you need to get the job done right.

If you’d like to talk to one of our diesel experts about finding the parts that are right for your specific diesel truck, just give us a call, send an email, or chat with us live on our website. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need so that your Dodge Cummins truck can keep rolling for miles to come.

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Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Air Intakes & Parts for Cummins
To get the best performance from your Dodge Cummins diesel, your engine needs to be fed the coolest, densest air in the smoothest way possible. Sinister Diesel can help you find the best Cummins...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - EGR Coolers & Components for Cummins
Up to 50% of the exhaust from your Dodge Cummins engine is recirculated back into the intake through the factory EGR cooler to help reduce emissions during normal engine operation. But the stock...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Engine Parts and Performance for Cummins
Timely maintenance is key to keeping your Cummins-powered Dodge truck running at peak efficiency and working for you. But years of hard work and high performance can take their toll and sometimes a...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Exhaust Systems / Manifolds for Cummins
Improve the Look Whether you want to replace your Cummins’ full exhaust system or just make improvements one section at a time, Sinister Diesel has what you need. From the headers down to the...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Injectors for Cummins
The diesel injectors inside a modern Cummins engine are reliable and tough. But over time and hundreds of thousands of miles, they can become worn and weak. Cummins Diesel Injectors from Sinister...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Intercoolers & Pipes for Cummins
The intercooler and charge piping system in your Cummins-powered Dodge truck is massively important to the performance and power output of your truck. However, the stock intercooler and plumbing...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Lift Pumps & Fuel System for Cummins
Once you start pushing your Cummins diesel truck past its original power levels, an aftermarket Fuel Lift Pump is often needed to help you maintain proper fuel supply. The diesel injection pumps...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Lighting for Cummins
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - OEM Cummins
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Packages for Cummins
Sinister Diesel has done all the hard work for you and assembled performance packages from our favorite products. Our Cummins performance packages and maintenance kits make it easy to complete some...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Tools for Cummins
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Transmission for Cummins
Using all the horsepower and torque you have at your disposal in your Dodge Cummins can be very difficult unless you can send it to the wheels. A stock transmission is rarely up to the task of...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Tuners & Programmers for Cummins
Performance Diesel Tuners for Your Dodge Cummins Getting extra performance from your Cummins diesel has never been simpler than with a plug- in performance tuner. Our diesel tuners give you the...More Details »
Shop by Vehicle - Dodge Cummins - Turbos & Twin Turbo Kits for Cummins
Choosing the right turbo or twin turbo kit is one of the most misunderstood technical aspects of high-performance Cummins turbo diesel tuning. By pushing enough fuel into your engine, you can...More Details »
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