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Race Parts Notice

Attn: Customers, Shops, Retailers, WDs

Effective at 11:59 April 30, 2020

Sinister Diesel will no longer offer any EGR or DPF delete race products. This was not an easy decision to make, but with the aggressive nationwide EPA enforcement sweep, it is a decision we were forced to make. Let’s take this time to notify all installers, shops, retailers and private individuals. 

EPA will continue enforcement of ALL race parts. They are not going away. The EPA is a federal agency which means jurisdiction in all 50 States (anywhere in the USA). Irrespective of local smog laws they can and have assessed fines. In some cases, the EPA has opened criminal investigations into companies and individuals selling, manufacturing, installing and/or using emission defeating devices on vehicles used for non-racing scenarios or modified with race parts. As EPA made clear publicly, they will not stop until all emission defeating devices and race parts are eliminated from the market. Not only is the EPA going after companies, manufacturers and individuals, our opinion is that they will be going after businesses and/or private parties that use the defeat devices. 

Our industry is changing and Sinister has always strived to be ahead of the curve. This is one more step to continue our goal.

 Inventory is limited on race products and will not be replenished once depleted. We appreciate your understanding on this matter and would love to discuss other products of ours that can replace these race parts. 

Sinister Diesel Team