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Authorized Resellers

Authorized Resellers

Sinister Mfg. Company, Inc. (“Sinister Diesel®”) maintains a Unilateral Pricing
Policy/Minimum Advertised Price Policy (the “UPP/MAP Policy”) regarding Sinister Diesel®’s
product lines. The Sinister Diesel® name, blue color and the logo are icons that represent
quality, performance, technology and style. The Sinister name and logo demand attention and
are presented, installed and worn as much as badges of honor as of corporate identity. As such,
Sinister devotes considerable time, expense and effort in monitoring and enforcing the
UPP/MAP Policy.

When you purchase Sinister products from authorized resellers, you can rest easy knowing you
have purchased genuine Sinister Diesel® products. With Sinister Diesel® parts you can expect
the same quality support and treatment as the Sinister Diesel® name.

However, when you purchase from the unauthorized resellers listed below, you may be denied
technical support, and warranty coverage to the extent allowed by applicable law. Additionally,
if you purchase products from these unauthorized resellers, technical support, warranty claims
and customer service will be deferred to the point of purchase.

The vendors identified below are NOT authorized to sell, resell or otherwise distribute Sinister
Diesel® products. Any direct or indirect sales to these companies by any reseller of Sinister
Diesel® products will be deemed by Sinister Diesel® to be in violation of the UPP/MAP Policy.

Unauthorized Vendors

Rally Sport Direct
Amazon Seller Name: Auto Depot
Seller Name:
Phone Number: 281-456-8596
Toll Free Phone: 888-45-RALLY (72559)
Local Phone: 801-748-4910
4870 W. 2100 S.
Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84120 

Amazon Seller Name: MotorSport Supply
Contact Phone: 704-327-8663
Contact Email:

Amazon Seller Name: Advanced Diesel & Motorsport
Toll Free Phone: 866-213-0442
Local Phone: 979-864-4444
504 W Mulberry St.
Angleton, TX 77515