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Identifying Genuine Sinister Parts

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when you want top performance from aftermarket parts for your truck, only the real deal will do. Installing genuine Sinister Diesel® brand parts and kits means you're maximizing your truck's performance while minimizing downtime. Imitation parts? Not so much.

Phonies, counterfeiters and scammers infest websites like Amazon, eBay and others with pictures, descriptions and names that resemble Sinister Diesel® brand parts, but aren't. Some parts are even blue so they look like Sinister Diesel® components. Bogus items are everywhere, and sometimes hard to spot.

Here are a few ways to avoid the imitation game and be sure you're buying genuine Sinister Diesel® brand parts and kits.

If you see or suspect a counterfeit part please contact Sinister Diesel by emailing:  [email protected]

1. Look for the Sinister Diesel® BLUE on every part.

Yes. We Trademarked our Blue color. Other than some special edition colors, every genuine Sinister Diesel® part is blue in color.

2. Look for the Sinister Diesel® logo on every part.

Every Sinister Diesel® part has Sinister Diesel®'s unique logo etched, engraved or printed in a highly visible location. Whether it's intakes, charge pipes, turbos, boots, or even merchandise, a missing logo is the first clue that you aren't getting a genuine Sinister Diesel® brand part.

3. Look for the Sinister Diesel® logo on your package.

Not only will you find Sinister Diesel®'s logo on our parts, you'll also find it on our packaging. Whether it's the box itself, or the tape we seal it with, the Sinister Diesel® logo on your package ensures you're installing a genuine Sinister Diesel® brand part on your truck.

4. Look for price parity.

Find a price that's too good to be true? It probably is. If you find a component claiming to be a Sinister Diesel® brand part that is priced far below competitors, or below the price on Sinister Diesel®'s website, it's likely a fraud. Sinister Diesel ® parts have an established market value that you'll find reflected by reputable dealers and resellers.

5. Look for an authorized dealer.

Authorized dealers and websites will display Sinister Diesel®'s "Authrorized Dealer" emblem. It's your assurance that the parts you're buying are authentic.

6. Buy directly from Sinister Diesel®.

When in doubt, buying directly from Sinister Diesel® is the safest, surest way you're getting genuine Sinister Diesel® brand parts for your truck. Whether online, on the phone, or on location, Sinister Diesel® makes buying genuine high performance aftermarket parts fast and easy. Maybe that's why we're number one in diesel performance parts & kits.

Identifying Genuine Sinister Parts