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About Us

What do you get when a group of diesel, truck and 4x4 off-road enthusiasts get together with a dream of changing the automotive aftermarket industry? You get Sinister Diesel, a company that is American Born and Bred™.

The founders and their whole team share a love of everything diesel. One afternoon, while working on one of their trucks they thought of starting a new company

"There were already online parts suppliers," says the CEO, "so we knew it wasn't enough to just start another one. We wanted to create a high performance diesel parts company that actually changed the way business was done, especially when it came to customer service.

Live telephone support is one element of that customer service. Before, during and even after a purchase, people can call Sinister and get live expert technical advice about brands, parts, installation and everything else. There's even the same live support available on the Sinister website.

"Right from the beginning we got a reputation for great customer service," says the CEO. "That's how we knew we were on the right track." Today, Sinister is one of the fastest growing online aftermarket diesel parts retailers around.

Sinister Diesel partners with top names in the industry including ARP, Edge Performance Products and many more, so customers can find the widest selection of high quality parts in one place.

"But as good as those brands are," says our CFO, "we decided to manufacture our own line as well. We had our own vision about how a part should perform, and what it should look like, so the Sinister Diesel brand was born." Most of these Sinister Diesel parts are a stylish and distinctive metallic blue. "We call the color Sinister Blue. You'll even find it in our logo.

Sinister Diesel actually started out as MKM Customs. So, why the switch to the Sinister name? It appeals to the owners because they feel it captures the spirit of the diesel lifestyle. "The spirit of diesel truckers is like our own,"

The CEO says. "A little bit rebel. Of course, we don't all live a rebel lifestyle, but we all share that spirit. The name Sinister captures that sprit perfectly.

Sinister Diesel - About Us