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Sinister Diesel - Manufacturing Videos

Manufacturing and testing our 7.3 Intake Elbow

Sinister Parts getting anodized in Sinister Blue.
Metal bars are fed into the lathe machine to machine accessory parts such as bolts.

Sinister parts getting powdercoated.

Enter the polishing room to see one of our dirtiest jobs. Multiple levels of polishing create a shiny, scratch-free surface to powdercoat our parts.

We put a lot of care in making your parts and just as much care in packaging and getting them to you.

Not all the work is done under the hood or behind a welder. We have an R&D team that researches and develops more efficient and powerful ways to keep your truck going.

Our lead welder working on 6.0 headers.

Many steps are involved in crafting our Sinister Diesel 6.0 Powerstroke Headers

One of our skilled welders putting together our Sinister Diesel 7.3L Powerstroke Coolant Reservoir